Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

Let see about Infrared radiometer (IR) as one of the (New) NDT methods

This is my experience as a Scientist in STA program in 1998, in JAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Agency), Tokaimura, Ibaraki-ken.
As one of NDE' means, infrared radiometer (IR) has become widely used in a variety of industries. This IR method is very useful for its customers to detect invisible surface and internal flaws of material. However, there are a few standards being necessary to evaluate detection limit of the above material flaws. The IR test method for detecting the size and location of the invisible flaws has been qualitatively carried out by applying some standards, but it has become non-quantitative and inaccurate for evaluating the relation between the detection limit of the invisible flaws and detectable and resolvable characteristics of IR. Know-how the capability of the equipment should be understood. There are some parameter such as MRTD and MDTD, and others. In that’s time, I studied about both of the parameter. In this moment I would like to introduce my NDT-friend about the test piece as ASTM recommended that’s I have done. (This picture is MRTD test piece as bar, MDTD test piece as circular; dark color is a source of heat with emmisivity 0.95)

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